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Building a brand’s online presence

Building your company’s brand online may seem like a daunting task, but can be achieved simply with a few steps.

To start, put Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn icons at the bottom of your website page. By doing this, you are letting your audience know exactly what social media pages you are on and that they can connect to them right there and then.

The next step is to uphold active pages. If you continuously connect with your audience, they will connect back. You can begin by using Twitter to give product updates and as your customer service platform. Use Facebook as your fan page; in other words use bright, original and interactive content that will make your audience share it to their friends, thus creating your fan base.

Your LinkedIn page can be used to host your company’s details and be used to advertise job openings and opportunities. Create an aesthetic look for your Instagram account, with visuals. Add an emotive and catchy sentence under your posts to capture attention, motivate and/or attach to a popular hashtag.

With these three steps, you can begin building your brand’s online presence. The most important thing to remember is: keep relating to your audience. No one knows your audience better than you do, so keep supplying them content that they can’t get enough of.

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