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How Social Media Marketing can grow your Business

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Article, Social Media

Social media is currently one of the biggest if not the most effective way of marketing in this era.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, your perception of it does not curb its limitless reach potential and definitely does not compromise the impact it has on different people, brands and institutions at large on a daily basis.

There are three main pillars as to how social media can grow your business – as cited by Jarno Wuorisalo in this blog post. The first one is not only creating content that is directly applicable to your target followers but content that is of value to your broader audience. For example, having ‘call to actions’ (driving people to your website to purchase your product/service) on posts are great but are redundant when used at times that your audience don’t really want to purchase your product or utilize your service.The second one is the frequency at which you post. Allow social media to do what it does best, create content frequently to enable memorability of your brand.

Develop a concrete plan as to how often you will be publishing content and at what times you will post on the different platforms you deem most effective to reach your social media objectives.Lastly, you need to deliver value.

If you don’t then the two previous pillars are superfluous. By delivering value you will primarily solve whatever problem your consumers or prospective consumers may be encountering. You will do this by helping them make better, more informed buying decisions. Promotions and offering timely discounts also go a long way.

Social media is powerful! It is fast becoming like a government in it’s own right. Whether you concede it or not it will affect you, directly or indirectly. With social media ‘collateral damage’ is imminent, do not find yourself in the firing line, rather get on the #wasspdigital bandwagon and let us help you maximise your organisations profitability by blowing traditional advertising budgets apart.